We can talk all day about how great our office and care is, but we think you should hear from people who have experienced first-hand how we offer an unmatched quality of care.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Cohen is unlike any other chiropractor I’ve been to. He is also the first Structural Chiropractor I’ve ever received care from. Right from the start, his big smile and amazing attitude made me feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Cohen truly believes in correcting the underlying cause of my conditions. I never knew why the previous chiropractors I had been to never really “fixed” the problem, causing me to keep going back week after week. But, with Dr. Cohen, he educated me on my conditions and explained that even though my pain was gone, structural corrections take time to occur. Now that my pain is gone and I no longer experience my migraine headaches and shooting pain down my leg, I continue to see Dr. Cohen for care because I realize it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I no longer use chiropractic as a “Band-Aid,” but instead use it to prevent bad things from happening to me in the first place.


Dr. Cohen helped me throughout the final months of my pregnancy when I was experiencing terrible low back pain. He really helped ease my mind during such a stressful time and also helped explain to me why the pain arose in the first place. I cannot thank Dr. Cohen enough for helping me stop dreading pregnancy and for reminding me how beautiful and amazing such a miracle is. He also explained to me the importance of having my newborn adjusted which is why I brought my son in only one week after he had been born. My son has been healthy and we continue to see Dr. Cohen on a regular basis. There’s no one else I’d trust my family to other than Dr. Cohen and Excel Chiropractic.