Finally, An Answer To Your Dizziness

I recently partnered with an amazing new company, Dizzy Analyst, which uses an online algorithm to help create a presumptive diagnosis and potentially treat certain inner ear dysfunctions, such as dizziness and vertigo. Every single day in the United States, tens of thousands of patients report to the emergency room with their primary complaint being “dizziness” related. There are times when these symptoms are caused by more serious conditions, such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, or even a tumor. However, there are also a lot of conditions that cause dizziness that can be helped or managed without going to the E.R.

At some point in their lifetime, four out of ten American citizens will experience this sensation severe enough to seek medical help. Elderly individuals are more apt to experience the sensation. The common causes of dizziness are frequently associated with feelings of unsteadiness, a sense of being off balance, and unfortunately, at times, falling. The sense of being unsteady may profoundly impact activities of daily living as well as cause psychological and emotional hardship.

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This is where Dizzy Analyst comes into play! Dizzy Analyst is designed to help you determine the cause or causes of your dizziness. The system will help you understand the meaning of the term “dizziness,” the problems that create this feeling, and how to correct them. The feeling of dizziness means different things to different people. It can be difficult and frustrating to describe. Sometimes it is used to describe a sense of vertigo or spinning, sometimes a sense of unsteadiness or instability, or even a sense of faintness…sometimes, more than one. Our testing system will sort out these symptoms and provide you with a guide to understanding the reason for your problem. This program explores specific situations, positions, activities, medications, associated medical conditions, and symptoms to arrive at a solution to your problem.

From there, we can determine if our in-house therapy will be beneficial and help reduce your symptoms, or if it is more serious and we need to refer you for emergency services. For conditions where the therapy is useful, such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or vestibular migraines, patients may experience a resolution of symptoms within 1 treatment, although we recommend 6-12 sessions for maximal benefits.

The feeling of dizziness is not only unpleasant, but is also associated with unsteadiness, decreased balance, and increased risk of falling. The risk of falling is particularly dangerous in the older population, in which falls account for 25% of hospital admissions and 40% of admissions to nursing homes! The statistics show that about 50% of those who fall never return to independent living. Uncommonly, these symptoms are due to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, decreased blood flow, tumors, and MS. More commonly, “dizziness” is caused by treatable conditions like inner ear dysfunction which accounts for more than half of all cases.

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It is better to get checked out sooner rather than later to make sure these symptoms do not lead to a more serious condition or fall. Let us help you and your loved ones with these debilitating problems and provide the same exceptional care you’ve come to expect and deserve here at Excel. For more information on Dizzy Analyst, feel free to contact us or visit the website at

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