Weekend Activity: Farmers Market

Farmers markets are great places to buy fresh produce and other fresh food. They are usually locally-sourced, meaning that the food is grown or produced locally and many times the people selling the food are actually the producers, too. Farmers markets are one of the best options for high-quality, local, fresh food. Buying locally sourced products is great for many reasons. It is good for the environment because the food hasn’t been shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, which uses a lot of fuel. It also means your food is much fresher. Many of the farmers own small farms and grow a few things which means you are getting a higher quality product. A lot of them farm organically, too, which is even better!

In Atlanta, we are very lucky because there are so many farmers markets here! We have traditional farmers markets that set up once a week and only open part of the year and we have year-round, permanent farmers markets. These are, sometimes, not strictly locally-sourced, but do tend to sell fresh, quality products. Some are also known as “world markets” and sell specialty, international products, too.


Some of our favorite Atlanta farmer’s markets are:


Your Dekalb Farmers Market


This market is a permanent, indoor market. It is more like a big grocery store. There is a large produce section, a baked goods section, and a meat department. They also have a huge variety of products. They have more fruits and vegetables than a typical grocery store and their meat selection is also varied. They are considered a world market and have a great selection of international goods!


Morningside Farmers Market


This market is a traditional farmers market where different, local vendors set up and sell their goods. However, it is open year-round! Morningside vendors also must be organic and local to sell at the market. Vendors include local produce farmers, bread makers, and coffee roasters!


Buford Highway Farmers Market

Harold Shinn is the president of the Buford Highway Farmer's Market in Doraville, Georgia.

This market is also a permanent, indoor market and sells a large selection of international goods. Their products aren’t always locally sourced, but they are high quality. This market also offers cooking classes with several classes being offered every week!


Heritage Sandy Springs Farmers Market


Our neighborhood farmers market is open every Saturday morning from April through October. Vendors offer a variety of local produce, eggs, cheese, and other prepared food. They also have several local artists who sell other goods like jewelry, handbags, and pet supplies!


Peachtree Road Farmers Market


Peachtree Farmers Market is a seasonal market and is open from April to December. It is the largest producer-only farmers market in the state. This means everything sold in the market is produced by the vendors, ensuring fair prices for buyer and seller. In addition to local produce and goods, they offer chef demonstrations and farm to table meals!


There are many other farmers markets around town, so find one in your neighborhood and add it to your weekly shopping routine to enjoy fresh, local produce!

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