The Top 3 Chiropractic and Rehab Techniques I Use in Practice

Chiropractic care can vary in many different ways, including technique, modalities offered (if any), frequency of care, and even which joints in the body to adjust. At Excel Chiropractic, we focus on structural care and making sure the body is in proper alignment to ensure proper function. Here are my top 3 tools and techniques I use in practice to ensure the best results with my patients:


1. Structural exercises pre-adjustment:

CRU pic

Prior to being adjusted, we want to make sure the spine is warmed up, similar to stretching before exercising or working out. To warm up the spine, we use two structural exercises: our cervical traction unit (CTU) and our “wobble” chairs. The CTU is effective at opening the compressed disc spaces, usually due to poor posture, in the neck. In addition, the CTU helps restore the natural curve in our neck that is also lost from improper lifestyle habits. The wobble chairs, on the other hand, are excellent at providing mobility back into the lumbar spine, or the low back. This area becomes compressed from sitting all day and needs proper movement to maintain pain-free function.


2. The chiropractic adjustment on an automatic flexion-distraction table:

adjusting pic

By incorporating automatic flexion-distraction into each adjustment, we continue to aid in the healing process by further opening the compressed disc spaces. This helps relieve pain by taking pressure off of the affected nerves. This also allows for a smooth, gentle adjustment each visit.


3. Rest period on an intersegmental traction table (or IST table) post-adjustment:

massage table pic

The worst thing you can do to your body after an adjustment is immediately jump back into your pre-adjustment routine. Your body needs time to heal and to let the adjustment settle in without being thrown right back out of place. This is why each patient lies on the IST tables, comparable to a rolling massage table, for about 10 minutes after every adjustment. Not only is this usually the patient’s favorite part of the visit, but it also helps the results last much longer by letting the body strengthen around proper alignment.


Everything we do at Excel Chiropractic is with a purpose and with a common goal in mind—to reduce pain and symptoms and ensure a healthy nervous system by correcting structural misalignments and imbalances. By using structural exercises, specific and effective adjustments on a state-of-the-art chiropractic table, and allowing the body ample rest on the IST Tables post-adjustment, we make sure we are always treating the patient’s underlying conditions from multiple angles to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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