Not Just a Luxury: Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massages are often seen as a luxury or a special treat, but there is a lot more to the practice of massage therapy. The Mayo Clinic defines massage therapy as “a type of treatment in which a trained and certified medical professional manipulates the soft tissues of your body — muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin — using varying degrees of pressure and movement.” The practice has been around, in some form, for thousands of years and has long been used to heal and rejuvenate the body. I spoke with our Licensed Massage Therapist, Kelli Bragg, to learn more about massage therapy and why it is good for us:


Erica: What are the benefits of massage therapy by a licensed therapist?

Kelli: Massage therapy does not “fix anything,” but rather aids in the body’s healing process and works best in conjunction with chiropractic care and physical therapy. It also increases flexibility and circulation which provides the body with nutrient rich blood. It helps repair muscles and tissues, and really our whole system. It gives us life.


E: What are the different types of massage?

K: There are hundreds of different types of massage! From classic Swedish and deep tissue, to sports massage, prenatal, and Thai. The list is endless. Different therapies accompany massage, too, like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and reflexology. It just depends on what you need. There is also energy work and stretching massage. The list is endless and growing.


E: How often should someone get massaged?

K: Every single week on average. Those working in labor intensive careers could use massage every other day. A more laxed lifestyle needs it less. Someone who wants to live the best quality of life and sustain a positive energy level should get massaged regularly. For rejuvenation and detoxification, I recommend every week for 60 minutes. I understand that it is difficult for people to take advantage of massage therapy at this frequency, so at the very least, 1-2 times per month can make huge differences.


E: You mentioned earlier that massage therapy works best when used with chiropractic care. Why does massage go hand-in-hand with chiropractic?

K: Chiropractic care is about resetting the body–strengthening neurological connections in the body. Massage therapy comes in next – now that we have you back on track, let’s repair. After the skeletal structure and nervous system function is corrected by corrective chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy comes in and circulates nutrient rich blood that helps repair damaged tissues. It detoxifies and rejuvenates the body. Massage is also soothing for the client, so the body can better heal itself. It all works together.

Kelli points out that in western culture, massage is usually seen as pampering, but she believes that “it is part of healthy living. Part of living a progressive and positive life.”


Everyone can benefit from massage therapy! Whether you sit at a desk all day, are sore from gardening all weekend, or just want to keep healthy, chiropractic care and massage therapy can benefit you and enhance your life.




For more information about massage therapy or to make an appointment with Kelli,

contact her at or (404)228-5082.

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