Why Mobility Training Should be Part of Every Workout!

Working on your mobility and flexibility is a crucial component to proper function and performance, be it in the gym or lifting your children and the groceries properly. When we get stuck in the same position for a long period, such as at the work desk, sitting in traffic, or sleeping improperly, we develop muscular adhesions around our joints. These adhesions restrict normal movement. Mobility training targets these joints, breaks down the adhesions, and restores proper structure and function.


Mobility can be incorporated into your warm-up, cool-down, or can be your entire workout for the day! Although structural misalignments can be a major cause of pain and discomfort, a lack of mobility can also cause issues and prevent you from living a healthy, well-functioning life.

I had the pleasure of working with Jenna Minecci, a trainer and mobility specialist at BodyFitz in Sandy Springs, and we targeted some problem areas that have bothered me in the past. Amazingly, we increased the mobility in my shoulders, hips, and low back in just one session!

Hip Mobility:


In this mobility exercise, Jenna is using a tight resistance band to open up her left hip joint. In this position, not only can Jenna work on her hip flexors, but can also incorporate internal and external hip rotation mobility.


Shoulder and Upper Back Mobility:


In this exercise, Jenna is using a lacrosse ball to help break up muscular adhesions in her shoulder blades and upper back. As you can see, she is leaning back onto the lacrosse ball and using her body weight and arm movement to help increase movement and flexibility. This is a great exercise for all athletes and can also be very beneficial for frozen shoulder patients.


If you are looking to increase your health, mobility, strength, and overall fitness, I highly recommend you call BodyFitz at 404-255-4008 and ask for Jenna!

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