Post-Injury, Low-Impact Workout Tips

Most of our patients here at Excel Chiropractic sought out chiropractic care after an acute injury, such as throwing your back out while trying to pick up the laundry, or a chronic injury, like being stuck at a desk behind a computer for 10-20 years. Whatever the reason may be, it is our goal to help you do the things in life that the pain is holding you back from.

When first starting care after an injury or accident, it is important to, if medically cleared, keep movement and exercise a priority. Here are some of our best tips for incorporating low-impact workouts into your rehabilitation:


Change your cardio routine


Although you may enjoy walking or jogging, the impact of each step can be painful after a fresh injury. Instead, try using the recumbent bicycle or walking/jogging in a shallow end of the pool at either your house or a local gym with a designated shallow end. The recumbent bicycle is an excellent way to stimulate blood circulation, burn calories, and avoid straining your back in the process. By walking or jogging in the pool, you decrease the force and impact of each step. Also, with the resistance from the water, you get a more complete, full-body workout!


Increase and improve your mobility

Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park

Did you ever want to try yoga, Pilates, or tai chi? This could be the perfect chance. All 3 of these workouts help increase your cardiovascular health while also decreasing impact from traditional exercises. Not only will you increase your range of motion while your body heals, but you will build muscle and strength as well.


Go play in the sand


Looking for a quick way to increase the difficulty of your workout? Try the same workout in the sand! Don’t live on a beach? Look up the closest sand volleyball courts and go when they’re not being used. One of the best workouts and rehab techniques for foot and ankle injuries is to walk barefoot in the sand. You use intrinsic muscles in your feet and ankles in the sand that are usually immobile when wearing tennis shoes. Also, the soft sand decreases the impact force on your joints and is a great way to transition back into normal hard surface workouts post-injury.


By incorporating working out and exercise back into your post-injury rehab, you help minimize the negative effects of scar tissue. The sooner you start working on your range of motion after an injury, the less time it takes to get you back to normal function. Use or share these low-impact workout tips if you, a friend, or family member has recently hurt themselves and are feeling discouraged. Good luck and be sure to let us know any other tips and tricks you’ve used!

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