Interview with Linda Citron and Citron Nutrition

We had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Linda Citron with Citron Nutrition. Linda takes a whole-food approach to diet and nutrition, so we picked her brain on how to improve our nutrition, as well as some exciting tips and trends we can look forward to.

One of the biggest reasons our diets and nutrition plans fail is that we don’t turn those small changes into lifelong habits. Therefore, when a two-week, 30-day, or 6-month diet ends, we see the weight come back, sometimes worse than before! Check out what Linda says about transforming quick fixes into lifelong habits:


We can get caught up in the calorie counting game, but forget that not all calories are created equal! It is important to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into our daily lives. See below some major difference between good calories and bad calories and ways to incorporate better nutrition into your diet:


Some people think that the best way to decrease your calorie intake is to cut out a food group entirely. However, every type of food, be it proteins, carbohydrates, or fats, is very important for different bodily functions. Therefore, when we subtract an entire type of food, like removing carbohydrates from our diet, we end up hurting ourselves more than helping. Listen to Linda’s recommendations for moderating your diet and certain food groups:


It’s easy to make plans without actually executing, so we asked Linda some great tips we can begin using today! Check out a few of her favorite, easy tips:


Although not directly related to what you eat, sleep is very important in regulating the hormones that make you hungry. Therefore, Linda elaborates on the importance of getting proper sleep each night:


Every year brings new health trends and fads, but it can be difficult to discern between what actually helps versus the “flavor of the week.” Here are Linda’s top trends she expects to see this coming year:


See the entire interview here!

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