Interview with Lori Harber of perFORM Pilates

We had the pleasure of speaking with Lori Harber, owner of perFORM Pilates in Sandy Springs. She gives us some great information about what pilates is, how it came about, and the difference between pilates and yoga. Then, she and Dr. Cohen show us some great pilates exercises that can be done at home!


What is the difference between yoga and pilates?

Pilates comes from yoga, gymnastics, and boxing. It is a sequence of exercises put together in a natural progression of horizontal to vertical and then back down to horizontal which imitates more the movement of our body. From lying down sleeping at night to rising in the morning, standing, moving, and then working our way back down to horizontal. So it really is just a sequence of exercises, not poses (which is more yoga), but actual physical exercises that initiate most body parts at the same time, but starting with your core.


Pilates seems to be more of a women’s exercise. Where does this misconception come from and should more men be doing pilates?

Pilates comes from a man, Joseph Pilates, who was a big, German boxer. He was really sick as a child and as he got older he started developing these exercises to make himself stronger. When he moved to New York after the war all of these dancers started coming to him because they heard there is this new guy with this new exercise workout that doesn’t bulk you up. There is a big misconception, obviously if you are a small person, even if you weight trained all day long you aren’t going to get that bulky. It’s more about your diet and nutrition. But what pilates does is creates long, lean muscles, so when you are doing spring loaded strength training you don’t create this bulk, this heaviness in your body. You get long, nice limbs, beautiful posture, your shoulders are back, so honestly, more men should be doing pilates.


For more information, watch the full interview above! To get in touch with Lori to schedule a pilates session, visit her on Facebook at


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