Interview with Dan FitzSimons from BodyFitz Personal Training

We just had the opportunity to interview the owner and lead personal trainer at BodyFitz Personal Training, Mr. Dan FitzSimons. Dan and I jumped into some great topics and controversies surrounding weight training and the importance of using a certified personal trainer.

One of the best features that BodyFitz incorporates into every one of their training sessions is the individualized nature of each workout. This is not a cookie-cutter workout where every age or body type is doing the same thing. At BodyFitz, it’s about your personal goals and the strength and health goals you want to achieve. Whether it’s based around you being able to play tennis better or being able to lift your groceries with ease, the trainer will create a program that is perfect for you:


Personal training, and weight training in general, has been around for decades, but not everyone has tried it. A common misconception with weight training or lifting weights is that it’s a young person’s game–the thought that once you’re over a certain age, weight lifting is more harmful than beneficial. This notion or idea could not be more inaccurate. As Dan explains in the next clip, weight training is an incredible way to improve your health and function at any age:


A major component of structural chiropractic care here at Excel revolves around proper posture and ergonomics, both in and outside of our office. We are all constantly in a slumped forward position, whether we’re checking text messages, typing at the computer, or lounging on the couch watching television, our posture is suffering. Here, Dan explains the importance of posture and how important it is to train the posterior chain (your back, glutes, hamstrings, etc.) as opposed to only focussing on the anterior (your biceps and chest, or pectoral, muscles):


Finally, Dan goes over an aspect of training that should be incorporated into not only every workout, but every activity or movement in our lives. Here, we go over the Spinal Bracing Sequence and how important it is to use proper breathing and stabilization before attempting to work out or lift anything in our daily lives:


I hope you all enjoyed this interview with Dan FitzSimons from BodyFitz Personal Training here in Sandy Springs. Please remember, you are never too old to start incorporating weight training into your regimen. At BodyFitz, it’s about improving your functional movements so you can perform every activity in your life safely and more efficiently.

Please check out the full interview below to catch even more incredible bits of knowledge that Dan and I discuss about health and weight training!

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