End of the Year Letter

As we approach the winter holidays, I’d like to take a little time to reflect on the past year and say what I am thankful for here at Excel Chiropractic. October 12, 2016 marked our 1-year Anniversary at Excel—and quite a year it has been! Not only have we built an incredible, strong, and committed clientele, but we have also completely immersed ourselves in the community and have only been welcomed with open arms and warm wishes. Sandy Springs may have started as a mere location, but it has quickly grown into a home for us. It is a home with incredible families and businesses who understand the importance of wellbeing and growth. Whether it has been hosting a table at the Sandy Springs Festival for the past 2 years, having our Women’s Wellness Night and Patient Appreciation Day events, providing care at various 5K, half or full marathon races, or providing massage therapy to corporate offices around town, we have always loved getting to know our community outside of the office.

Our commitment to Sandy Springs and Atlanta has always been to improve the health of every single person in the community. Everyone is always welcome here and therefore we have such amazing and diverse patients. I have had the extreme honor of working on so many incredible people and families, from 5-month-old babies, to professional athletes, to 97-year-old Veterans. No two cases have ever been the same and everyone’s unique needs have always been put first.

Starting a business or practice can be a very hard and difficult time, but creating the right support system can make the biggest difference. I could not be more thankful for my amazing family and friends who have helped me get to this point, but I am even more grateful for my patients who trust their health with me on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. The ultimate compliment I receive every week is when a patient, who has experienced the benefits of regular chiropractic care, refers a friend or family member to have their nervous system checked here. Not only are they helping Excel continue to grow, but they are instantly improving the health and life of another person!

Like I said before, our goal is to improve the health of every single person in our community. Unfortunately, that has not happened quite yet! Therefore, we will continue to grow and spread our message of health and chiropractic to anyone and everyone, near or far. We promise to continue trying our absolute hardest to increase the health of Sandy Springs and Atlanta and will always continue providing the highest level of care you’ve come to expect and appreciate at Excel Chiropractic. Thank you everyone for being part of our family here—this year, we are thankful for YOU.


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