Avoid Back to School Strain: How Kids Should Be Wearing Their Backpacks

It’s a new year and the kids are heading back to school! Make sure your child is protected and wearing their backpack correctly. Over 5,000 children per year visit the emergency room due to backpack injuries. Check out these 3 tips below to make sure your child is wearing their backpack correctly in order to prevent such injuries:

1.       Fit and Sizing: Choose a backpack that is made for children, which are made with lightweight material as opposed to backpacks made for adults. The backpack should be worn close to the body and should cover the entire torso with the bottom of the backpack two inches below the waist.

2.       Weight: The backpack should only weight 10-15 percent of a kid’s weight. So, if your child weighs 70 lbs., his or her backpack should only weigh 7-10 lbs. Also, make sure the contents of the backpack are evenly distributed, utilizing the multiple compartments.

3.       Support: Make sure your child wears the backpack with both shoulder straps. If the backpack has a waist strap, it should be used to help support the weight.


When getting ready for the new year, make sure you utilize these 3 easy steps to prevent pain and injuries in your children. If you need further information on how to protect your children and ensure they are structurally sound, please contact us at Excel Chiropractic and set up a complimentary consultation!


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