4 Tips for Easier Meal Prepping

It’s the weekend! That means it is time to meal prep! I know many people think you have to cook for hours and use a ton of freezer space when meal prepping, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you get overwhelmed at the idea of making a week of meals ahead of time, check out some of our tips to make the process as efficient as possible!

  1. Don’t plan ALL of your meals:

Instead of prepping your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyday of the week, pick the meals that need to be planned the most. For example, if you work a typical 9 to 5, and usually have evenings free to make dinner, just plan your breakfasts and lunches. This will still help keep you on track during the work day, but cuts down on prep time.


  1. Prep for your work week:

This is similar to the first point, but a little different. If you have an untraditional work schedule or are a college student, you might not have to make a week of meals. For example, if you work a job that is 3 days on, 3 days off, just prep for the days you work. If you have class every other day, make sure those are the days that are prepped for.


  1. Cook in bulk:

Cook a lot of one thing and eat that for a meal every day. Making a big batch of soup is a great option for this and soups are usually pretty simple to make. Using a slow cooker or crock pot is a great way to make batch dishes. You spend less time cooking and cleanup is a breeze!


  1. Partial prep:

If you still don’t feel like completely prepping all of the week’s meals on the weekend, partially prep them. Go ahead and wash fruits and veggies and maybe even cut them so they are ready to cook during the week. This simple prep will go a long way when you come home from a long day and need to make dinner. If everything is ready to cook, it won’t feel as daunting to make a meal.


Check out our Veggie Egg Muffin recipe. They are perfect for meal prepping!


Eating healthy shouldn’t be a burden. Take a little bit of time once or twice a week to meal prep and keep yourself on track!

And, let us know your favorite meal prep tricks in the comments!

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