3 Ways to Eat Healthy on Game Day

February 5th marks this year’s Super Bowl Sunday and we all have a lot to celebrate—the Atlanta Falcons made the Super Bowl for the first time since 1999! Like many of you, I will be celebrating this Sunday and, like many of you, will be surrounded by tempting, delicious, yet unhealthy treats and snacks. How is it possible to stay healthy and “on track” when everyone is devouring food from chips and dips to cupcakes and brownies?

Here are a few tricks to help YOU win this Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of who is playing!

  1. Bring your own food: Now this depends on what type of party you’re attending. If you’re going to a pot-luck where everyone contributes by bringing food, then you’re in luck! Opt to bring healthy items such as a veggie or fruit tray or something more substantial like grilled chicken tenders! Go ahead and grill 6-8 chicken breasts and cut them into strips, or tenders. Bring along some BBQ sauce or honey mustard and this healthy treat is sure to be a hit!
  2. Eat beforehand: The Super Bowl is at 6:30pm, right around dinner time. Instead of going to the party or sports bar starving, eat a healthy dinner right beforehand consisting of protein (like grilled chicken or salmon) and complex carbohydrates (like quinoa) to help keep you full. This will curb your appetite so you’re not tempted by all the snacks when you get to the party.
  3. Host the party yourself: Although this is more work for you up front, this certainly helps you control what will and will not be at the party. You can make sure the snacks consist of healthy options like veggies and hummus and a desert table with a fruit tray.

Try using one or more of the tips above to help you stay healthy and full this Super Bowl Sunday! No one likes regretting their weekend food choices on Monday morning. Good luck and Go Falcons!

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